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Captain Dan Carey
Captain Dan CareyPresident, Allied Pilots Association
Captain Daniel F. Carey was hired by American Airlines in 1984. Based at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, he pilots the Boeing 777 on international routes. He has also captained the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-80, the Airbus A300, and the Boeing 727.

Captain Carey represented the LGA domicile on the Allied Pilots Association Board of Directors from 1993 to 1998. His APA service also includes time with the Negotiating Committee Read more…

Captain Robert Travis
Captain Robert TravisPresident, Independent Pilots Association
Captain Bob Travis began serving as Vice President of the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) in January 2011. He assumed the office of IPA President in August 2011, a position which he currently holds.

Capt. Travis graduated from U.C.L.A in 1985 with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, he was accepted into the United States Air Force Pilot Read more…

Captain Daniel Wells
Captain Daniel WellsPresident, Teamsters Local 1224
Captain Daniel C. Wells serves as the President and principal officer of the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224. The union represents the pilots of 10 airlines operating in all sectors of the industry, from Cape Air operating C-402s to Horizon Air operating in the regionals with Q400s to Atlas Air operating cargo and passengers in B-747s. He is also a Check Airman and Instructor on the B747-400/-8s for Atlas Air. Read more…
Captain Josh LeBlanc
Captain Josh LeBlancPresident, Teamsters Local 357
Captain Josh LeBlanc is a 16-year veteran of Republic Airline and currently serves as the Teamsters Local Union 357 Executive Board President. Re-elected in October 2017, he will begin a new 3-year term in January 2018.

As the Principle Officer of the Local, his primary responsibility is providing leadership, guidance and support for the 15 Committee Chairpersons, and the Executive Board.
Read more…