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Captain Daniel Wells
President, Teamsters Local 1224

Captain Daniel Wells serves as the President and principal officer of the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224. The union represents the pilots of 10 airlines operating in all sectors of the industry, from Cape Air operating C-402s to Horizon Air operating in the regionals with Q400s to Atlas Air operating cargo and passengers in B-747s. He is also a Check Airman and Instructor on the B747-400/-8s for Atlas Air.

With an early start at the age of 14 flying sailplanes, his aviation experience spans 37 years and more than 100 types of aircraft. Operating in all but five of the world’s countries, his career has taken him across the world.

Captain Wells’ flying experience has been extensive and varied: he has delivered small and large aircraft to private owners and companies worldwide, flown for UN organizations and U.S. government agencies doing agricultural eradication and critical supply delivery in conflict zones in old DC3 and DHC7 aircraft, worked as a corporate pilot for a foreign oil company operating business aircraft as large as the B727, and operated his own part 135 airline. He is also a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic and has held inspection authorization.

Mr. Wells has experience in the management and the formation of airline operating certificates in the U.S. and abroad. After joining Polar Air Cargo in 1995, he successively was promoted to the part 119 position of chief pilot. Since that time, he has worked directly for other U.S. certificates in part 119 positions and as a consultant for large financial companies in airline management matters.

Additionally during his time at Polar Air Cargo, he participated in organizing a labor union to represent the pilots and served as the negotiating committee chairman, during which time the first collective bargaining agreement was achieved with the company. When Atlas Air Worldwide purchased Polar and merged the two pilot groups, Daniel was a member of the negotiating committee that worked with the company in merging the two pilot CBA’s into a single joint agreement. Most recently he was elected to and has served in his present position as president of Local 1224 since January 2012. He begins his third three-year term starting in January 2018.

Captain Wells has three children, and lives with his partner Anna Ivarsson — also a B747 captain, in Palos Verdes, California.