CAPA called on as industry expert in the Boston Herald

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~ Bill Burke, The Boston Herald 

Recently, CAPA was asked by the travel reporter of the Boston Herald to comment on the new film "FLIGHT" with Denzel Washington. you may read the full article at the linnk above.

Here are a few excerpts: 

I’ve been wondering since I saw the clip - can that actually happen? Rather than go with, “obviously, no,” since I’m not a pilot and didn’t take any engineering classes in college, I thought I’d check-in with a pro.

In this case, the word comes straight from Captain Lee Collins, executive vice president of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations.

“Having not seen the movie, only the theatrical trailer, we can say this: For the most part, large transport category aircraft, are incapable of sustained, inverted, flight,” he said. “This is due to the fact that both the engine oil and fuel systems would be unable to provide pressurized fuel and oil that enable the engines to operate.
The film may contain scenes for dramatic purposes of an airliner flying upside down, but only momentary inverted maneuvers are actually possible before engine failure.”