CAPA Calls for "One Level of Safety" and opposes any "Carve-Outs" for FT/DT Rule

Washington, DC--November 16, 2011.  The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) has been working towards new Flight and Duty Time rules as mandated in H.R. 5900 and has continually supported "One Level of Safety" for our nations' passenger, supplemental and cargo pilots.  Recently, we asked for your help to request President Obama to release the long overdue rules being held up at his office.

Now, at the 11th hour, industry trade associations plus cargo and supplemental carriers are pulling out all of the stops to prevent any change to Flight/Duty Time rules for cargo and supplemental pilots.

This selfish action is not only contrary to "One Level of Safety", it is in direct opposition to the scientific data on record.  Again, CAPA has long supported "One Level of Safety" for our entire nations' passenger, cargo and supplemental pilots.  We have been extremely active on this issue over the last 24 months.  These continued attempts by industry undermine the FAA's efforts to achieve "One Level of Safety" for all pilots.  Creating separate rules and "special considerations" for cargo and supplemental operations cannot go unchallenged.

We have asked our membership to send a letter to the White House to oppose any "carve-outs" or "special considerations" in the new Flight Time/Duty Time Rules.  Participation in the letter writing campaign is extremely important and time critical.