CAPA participates in FAA's 2010 U.S./Europe International Aviation Safety Conference


New Orleans, LA - June 8, 2010.  The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) is participating in the FAA's 2010 U.S./Europe International Aviation Safety Conference in New Orleans, LA from June 8-10th. CAPA representative Tom Kubik will be participating as a panel member on "Developing Air Carrier Flightcrew Members" on June 9, 2010 (8:30-10:00am)

Panel members and participants of the conference will discuss the current methods of training and certification, and are they adequate? They will explore flight crewmember qualifications and the role of academics in their training. In addition, the panel will also examine what types of flight experience is beneficial, including the pros and cons of increased minimum flight hour requirements.

Members of this panel include:

Tom Kubik, CAPA
Francois Fabre, EASA, Flight Test Pilot/Human Section Manager (Acting)
Jean Marc Secazes, EASA, Operational Evaluation Board Rotorcraft (Pilot) Section Manager
Dan Jenkins, FAA, Aviation Safety Inspector
Paul Railsback, ATA
Peter Morton, AABI

For more information on the full conference, please visit: FAA 2010 US/Europe International Aviation Safety Conference