CAPA president responds to the O'Hare collision 30 May 2012

/CAPA president responds to the O'Hare collision 30 May 2012

CAPA president responds to the O'Hare collision 30 May 2012

The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) President Kuwitzky responds to the
O’Hare cargo vs. passenger aircraft incident on 30 May 2012;

“Yesterday’s ground collision between an EVA Air Cargo airliner and an American Eagle regional passenger jet at Chicago’s O’ Hare International Airport, emphasize yet again, why there should be “one level of safety” for all airlines operating within the United States; not two that the FAA has created in the new flight and duty time rules for pilots.

CAPA has long sought, and advocated “One Level of Safety” for all airlines. Yesterday’s accident is yet another reminder of the tragic consequences at stake when cargo and passenger jet aircraft operate together in our crowded skies and airports.

Had the EVA cargo pilots been fatigued after a long flight prior to arriving early morning in Chicago, the errors could have been numerous and more severe.

Having separate rules for Cargo and Passenger airlines when they operate at all hours of the day and night in close proximity to each other, inflight and on the ground, is a recipe for disaster when each are operating under differing safety rules. The O’Hare incident had the potential to be much worse, and those involved were lucky.

We should not wait until there is another accident to make the necessary changes to our airline safety system to ensure “One Level of Safety” for all operators.”

Captain Carl Kuwitzky


Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations

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CAPA represents 31,000 commercial airline pilots of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association.

CAPA  includes the pilots of American Airlines, Southwest, USAirways, UPS and a number of smaller cargo and passenger airlines. CAPA is a trade association dedicated to working to improve the safety of the flying public and enhancing the piloting profession.

CAPA strongly supports the concept of “One Level of Safety” for all commercial airlines both passenger and cargo. As you know, recently the FAA proposed new flight time/duty time rules to enhance safety through reducing pilot fatigue. CAPA strongly supports that effort but unfortunately, the new FAA rules apply only to passenger and not cargo airlines.
CAPA believes this is a serious error which might lead to a degradation of safety

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