CAPA Statement on FFDO Funding Amendment to Homeland Security Bill

(Washington, DC - June 7, 2013) The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) is pleased that a House amendment to fully fund the Federal Flight Deck Officers Program (FFDO) has passed as part of HR 2217, the "Homeland Security Funding Bill".  CAPA, along with other organizations, has been an active proponent and sponsor of this program. Over the past several weeks we have been meeting with both the House and Senate to reverse the Administration's attempt to eliminate funding for this critical additional layer of security.

The FFDO program provides an unequaled, cost effective, and efficient way to insure that our flights are protected.  A vigorous campaign, to reverse this proposed cut in funding for this important program, was initiated by CAPA as soon as the Administration’s budget was sent to Congress.

CAPA is confident that a careful contemplation of the ramifications of this decision will lead our Legislators to renew this important level of our security infrastructure.  In the coming weeks CAPA will be working tirelessly to continue bringing this message to our elected representatives.