CAPA Supports Congressional Leaders' call for action on release of Pilot Fatigue rules

Washington, DC. October 6, 2011.  Nearly 100 members of Congress have called for action on the White House for completion of the federal aviation rules that are over two months delayed.  In August 2011, CAPA also called on the White House to release the new Flight and Duty Time Regulations for our nation’s pilots.  These new rules are intended to address fatigue, which is a serious growing deficiency in our nation’s airline safety system and has been highlighted and targeted by the National Transportation Safety Board for over 20 years.

"CAPA has long advocated “One Level of Safety” for all commercial aviation where passenger, all-cargo and charter operations are regulated equally. It is vitally important to the safety of our nation’s aviation transportation system that these new rules be implemented without further delay," comments Capt. Carl Kuwitzky, President of CAPA.

Click here to download letter from members of Congress to President Obama

The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations is a trade association which represents over 28,000 professional pilots at carriers including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, UPS Airlines, US Airways, Southern Air, ABX Air, Atlas Air Cargo, Kalitta Air, Polar Air Cargo, Arrow Air, Horizon Air, Gulfstream Air, Cape Air, Miami Air, Omni Air and USA 3000.