(Washington, DC – October 13, 2020) The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA), representing 30,000 professional passenger and cargo airline pilots, calls on the White House and Congressional Leadership to extend the Payroll Support Provisions (PSP) contained in the CARES Act.

CAPA continues to implore the need for resolute action but is disheartened that a global COVID-19 relief package has not yet been achieved. Conversely, we are encouraged by your bipartisan willingness to find a solution that employs stand-alone legislation for a PSP extension to ensure the airline industry’s survival.

“We are no longer considering the potential for airline job losses, but instead, are discussing just how extraordinarily profound and far-reaching these losses will be to our nation’s economy,” stated CAPA President Capt. Larry Rooney. “Frankly, we have grave concerns for our nation’s ability to achieve a robust recovery absent a relief package,” he added.

The White House and Congressional leaders must act immediately to ensure that we return these now furloughed “essential service” workers to their positions before the experience and security qualifications they possess expire. Additionally, the air cargo industry, which has been dutifully shouldering the burden of providing critically necessary supplies, is dependent on passenger airlines to transport their crews to locations around the globe to support their operations.

“CAPA stands ready to assist with what we hope is a clear pathway forward with robust, broad, and bipartisan support for legislation to extend the PSP in both chambers of Congress and at the White House,” stated CAPA President Capt. Rooney. “Hundreds of thousands of critical airline employees’ and aviation-related jobs hang in the balance. We urge you to act swiftly,” added Capt. Rooney.

Time is of the essence; the White House and Congressional leadership must act now. There has never been a more critical time for bi-partisan support and decisive leadership that fully recognizes the airline industry’s ability to carry us through this unprecedented economic crisis.

About CAPA: The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations is the nation’s largest professional pilot trade association representing more than 30,000 professional passenger and cargo airline pilots at carriers including American Airlines (Allied Pilots Association), UPS Airlines (Independent Pilots Association), ABX Air, Horizon Airlines, Southern Air, Silver Airways, Cape Air, Omni Air (Teamsters Local 1224), Republic Airways (Teamsters Local 357) and Atlas Air (Teamsters Local 2750).