(Washington, DC – March 14, 2019)  In response of the FAA’s recent decision to ground the Boeing 737-MAX fleet, the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) will continue its’ commitment to provide timely information to our members. While we await to hear the particulars which drove the FAA to ground the Boeing 737-MAX fleet, we stand steadfast behind the FAA’s decision to do so.

“CAPA’s first priority is to ensure the safety of our crew members and the passengers entrusted to them. As such we await further information from the investigatory team that we believe will provide greater insight into the chain of events that led to this tragic accident,” stated CAPA President Capt. Larry Rooney. “Until then, we continue to believe that an experienced, well-trained pilot is the best last line of defense in preventing future tragedies,” he added.

CAPA continues to monitor the status of the investigation and stands ready to assist the international aviation community and Congress in order to provide subject matter expertise throughout this process.

As previously stated, our deepest and continued condolences are with the families, co-workers, friends and loved ones of the crew members and passengers involved in this catastrophic event.