(Washington, D.C. – April 2, 2020) The Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA) representing over 30,000 professional passenger and cargo airline pilots applauds the decisive bipartisan actions the White House, Congress, Secretary Mnuchin, and Secretary Chao have made to ensure that the aviation industry can survive this cataclysmic crisis. CAPA is closely monitoring the ongoing negotiations between our nation’s airline CEO’s and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin as they work through the details contained within the CARES Act (H.R. 748), recently passed by Congress and signed into law by the President last week.

We cannot lose sight that our nation’s leaders intended for this temporary financial back-stop to directly protect the jobs of American airline labor, and to secure a future for all airline employees.  “Maintaining a viable and fully functioning passenger and cargo airline industry will be critical in ensuring our nation’s robust recovery back to a position of strength following this unprecedented crisis,” stated CAPA President Captain Larry Rooney. “As professional pilots and leaders our jobs support the vital transportation conduit that drives our modern economy,” he added.

While we still do not know the shape of that eventual recovery, we do know that the decisions made today will directly affect our collective futures. It is CAPA’s fervent belief that the parties to the ongoing negotiations bear in mind that the livelihood of our nation’s passenger pilots, cargo pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and ground support staff hang in the balance should the negotiated terms be too onerous for either party to accept.

CAPA and its 30,000 professional pilots stand ready to do what we do best, connecting the people and commerce of the world with strength, commitment and resilience.